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Innovative Solutions for System Level Design


ExperMeta's mission is to provide tools and services that enhance model-driven design and development in the systems space.  MetaSyn, ExperMeta's flagship product, synthesizes SystemC from SysML.


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System Level Design has become quite complex. Time-to-market pressures, multiple dimensions of design trade-offs, quality, safety and reliability all factor in, as well as overall cost. SysML is emerging as the preferred tool for high-level system description.  The EDL community is coalescing around SystemC and TLM 2.0 to raise the abstraction level. MetaSyn bridges the gap between these tool chains with automated synthesis of SystemC models from SysML with the important benefits:

•    Leverage SysML executable models and validation
•    Quicken availability of domain-appropriate models for software and hardware development
•    Ensure consistency with Systems Engineering perspective
•    Reduce errors introduced through manual SystemC creation
•    Easily propagate top-level changes to lower levels

MetaSyn flow

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